GAN 356 Air Master 3x3
GAN 356 Air Master 3x3
GAN 356 Air Master 3x3
GAN 356 Air Master 3x3
GAN 356 Air Master 3x3

GAN 356 Air Master 3x3

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❤ Complexity to Simpleness, Stability to Harness
Brand new contact surface design. Feel the lightness and stable hand feel. Top-level-cube that beginners can control freely.
Triple Edge Feet
Super satisfying - Upgraded Triple Edge Feet, triple corner-cutting ability.
Circular-Square Corner Feet
Circular in square, control to conquer. Upgraded from the Circular-Square corner feet design, we have triple Anti-Corner-Twist designs.

Ultra Multi-direction Notch of Center Pieces
The classical center pieces only make notches in 4 directions. GAN356 Air makes notches in 8 directions, you can open the caps of center pieces from all directions.
Precisely assembled of every single cube
The upgraded version of IPG V3 -- We produce the cores by injection of up-graded strength plastic ABS, and use wolfram steel to produce core stick. As the result from lab, the IPG V3 is over 50% stronger than IPG V2. High verticality, higher acuracy, bringing stability to the cube.
Visible and quantifiable tuning design, making DIY much more easy for speed cube beginners, you can just tune the nut to the end of the axial.

.Brand: Gans Puzzle - Gan356 Air
.Color: Black
.Size: 56*56*56 mm
.Weight: 73g

Package Included:
.1 x GAN356 Air Gans Puzzle 3x3 56mm Speed Cube Black   
.1 x Tool, spring sets(Standrad/Advanced/Master Series)