YJ MGC2 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC2 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC2 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC2 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC2 2x2 Magnetic
YJ MGC2 2x2 Magnetic

    YJ MGC2 2x2 Magnetic

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    Yongjun Magnetic Version MGC 2x2 Magic Cube Educational Toys for Brain Training - Black


    .High-quality 48 magnetic high-quality positioning, uniform distribution, light and comfortable
    .The integrated design of the corner block realizes the splicing of the corner blocks, and sets the friction surface of the corner block and the friction surface of the outer casing on the same reference to ensure the integration and improve the overall stability.
    .Large proportion of the core friction surface, smooth and smooth rotation, arc-shaped anti-collision angle design, with hidden ribs double card feet, the inner circle of the outer circle, can guarantee the maximum limit without loss of fault tolerance and effectively prevent the collision angle
    .Providing strong anti-collision performance, smooth internal structure design, optimized internal and external fillet maximum strength, and improved good fault tolerance
    .The internal components are all injection molded with high-quality raw materials, and the friction surface is not affected by any toner, and the hand feels smooth.
    .The center column is moved up to fully release the internal space to improve the strong fault tolerance.
    .The length of the center column is maximized to prevent the center block from colliding and snap-in positioning, so as to prevent the occurrence of small card phenomenon caused by the positioning gap.
    .The use of high-quality ultra-thin imported stickers, colorful, good value, is a good magic cube for beginners


    .Color: Black
    .Material: ABS
    .Order: 2-order
    .Product Size: 5*5*5cm
    .Product Weight: 180g
    .Package Dimensions: 6*6cm
    .Package Weight: 200g
    .Packing: Carton Box

    Package Content:

    .1 x Magic Cube

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