The Valk 3 Power 3x3
The Valk 3 Power 3x3
The Valk 3 Power 3x3
The Valk 3 Power 3x3
The Valk 3 Power 3x3
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    The Valk 3 Power 3x3

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    • Dual Vertical Core: The Dual Vertical Core is a new technology introduced with the Valk3 Power. The better accuracy of the Valk3 Power makes the cube more stable overall. The screws are compatible with a Philips screwdriver.
    • Better-Faster-Power: The Valk3 has achieved many great results, including two World Records. The Valk3's upgrade, the Valk3 Power has been released and is even stronger.
    • New Valk3, more Power: The Valk3 Power is a comprehensive upgrade to the Valk3, fitted with many new technologies. The cube's stability, explosive power, smoothness, corner-cutting, and durability have all been upgraded.
    • Integrated feet and contact surfaces: Our innovative construction methods eliminate seams, making all contact surfaces extremely smooth and free of lines. The elegant, smooth, vibration-free is Valk3 Power's new style.
    • Same internals, same feel: The same primary plastic internals unifies the hand-feel and lessens the differences between the three versions. The lack of seams makes each piece smoother and increases the longevity of the cube. valk3 valk3power valk3 power.
    • product include:
      1x The valk 3 3x3 cube
      1x Extra Sticker replacement
      1x logo sticker
      1x Cleaning cloth
      1x Valk 3 Power Card
      1x Mats Valk Introduction card
      1x Valk 3 Power introduction video
      1x Valk 3 Power solution
      1x Valk 3 Power Rewards